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I’m a freelance journalist with an international outlook, published by the BBC, RTÉ, The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Radio Canada, Le Point, La Presse and many others.
Over the past decade, I’ve been based in Brussels, Montreal and Edinburgh. I’ve interviewed a diverse range of characters, from EU politicians to Mohawk tribal chiefs, from Vatican saint-makers to voodoo mambos.
I do both print and broadcast – in English and French. Contact me here.


The Guys from Pest

RTÉ (05/18) @12.04 mins
They call themselves Pesti Sracok, a reference to the young men from Budapest who defied Russian tanks in 1956. But these youngsters have joined a very different revolution, one led by Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz Party.

A kilo of cocaine

BBC Radio 4 (04/18)
I’ve just been made this offer on the streets of Bissau, capital of Guinea Bissau, aka Africa’s first narco state. Abu tells me it will cost me €20k, but should fetch €50k on the UK streets or €80k if I sell it in Switzerland.

Guinée-Bissau: une plaque tournante

Le Point Afrique (04/18)
L’un des pays africains les plus instables est gangrené par l’ombre du trafic de drogues, contre lequel des moyens dérisoires sont déployés. D’après un haut fonctionnaire de l’ONU “les acteurs changent, le jeu reste le même.”

Fences and flowers

RTÉ (04/18) @10.20 mins
Report on Hungary’s election, featuring different views on Orbán, the EU and Russia. A local politician came with flowers for the locals, so Adam and Gaspar bagged themselves some free pansies and got a few rounds in while they were at it.

In Hungary, voters put faith in fence

The Globe and Mail (04/18)
You can see it across the alfalfa fields near the border with Serbia – a potent razor-wire symbol of Hungary’s fears, sealing off its borders not only to migrants, but also to an outside world that doesn’t seem to get this Central European country.

Guinea Bissau’s drug economy

Global Initiative (03/18)
It’s the bar with no name. Located in the heart of Bissau, it’s said to be a drop-off point for locally traded bundles of cocaine. We’re in West Africa, but the atmosphere has a distinctly Latino flavour, with salsa beats wafting out from the bar’s interior …

Narco state wide open to jihadi threat

RTÉ (03/18) @12.22 mins
Is Guinea Bissau becoming a new base for militant jihadis? The lawless state appears to be the perfect location for R,R+R – rest, recuperation and recruitment. I visit a local community known as ‘Taliban Village’ to find out.

Political crisis deepens in Guinea Bissau

The Irish Times (03/18)
There’s the briefest of frissons as President José Mário Vaz, aka Jomav, returns to his palace after lunch with the army chief. In this land of cocaine, corruption and coups, you never know what might be round the corner.

Sweet as honey: the African killer bees providing a living in Liberia

The Guardian (12/17)
For an increasing number of Liberians, still struggling to get by in a shattered postwar economy, killer bees are providing a much-needed livelihood.



A dictator in the family

The New Statesman (02/17)

Trans people risk lives in Turkey AWARD WINNER

GlobalPost/PRI (12/16)

Interview with Gambian president

The Irish Times (12/16)

Where Brexit meets Turkey

The Irish Times (05/16)

Being Muslim in France

Al Jazeera (12/15)

Paris attacks report

GlobalPost (11/15)

Fighting Russia’s propaganda machine

GlobalPost (08/15)

It’s a ‘No’ from Greece

vieuws.eu (07/15) VIDEO

A prison without bars

Al Jazeera (03/15)

Making maple syrup

BBC News (05/14)

The crack-smoking mayor

BBC News (11/13)

Trouble in paradise

Noseweek South Africa (05/13)

Interview with Alex Salmond

La Presse (08/12)

In search of Philip Marlowe

The Montreal Gazette (05/12)

Beaver or polar bear?

BBC Radio 4/World Service (12/11) @ 17.54 mins

‘Illegal’ midwives on call

The Montreal Gazette (08/11)

Smuggling across the 45th parallel

GlobalPost (4/11)

Deadly Secret

Canada’s History (04/11)

Spirits of a community

The Montreal Gazette (02/11)

Holiday in Asbestos

The Guardian (05/10)

Death of a godfather

BBC World Service (11/10) @ 11.20 mins

Chagos people press to return home

GlobalPost (09/10)

War and peace

Police Review (07/10)

Fighting for their identity

The Irish Times (07/10)

Holy rivalry over Kateri

The Montreal Gazette (03/10)




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