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I’m a freelance foreign correspondent, published by the BBC, RTÉ, The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Radio Canada, Le Point, La Presse and many others. For the past decade, I’ve also been a writer for German educational magazine Spotlight.
Previously based in Brussels and Montreal, I came home to Edinburgh five years ago to cover the referendum – and stayed. I’ve interviewed a diverse range of characters in my time, from EU politicians to Mohawk tribal chiefs, from Vatican saint-makers to voodoo mambos.
I do both print and broadcast – in English and French. Contact me here.


A narrow escape

BBC Radio 4 (12/18) @5.52 mins
From Cameroon, where anglophone separatists and military are locked in a bitter conflict largely hidden from the world’s view. I met Lucy, who escaped with 6-yr-old granddaughter Favour Pride – but only just.

Cameroon’s anglophone uprising

RTÉ (12/18) @12.04 mins
Report from anglophone Cameroon, where separatist rebels are fighting government forces. “Everyday we hear gunshot. It’s traumatising,” said a young woman, who looked nauseous with anxiety.

‘People shot without any reason’

The Irish Times (12/18)
The road to Buea, in Cameroon’s anglophone southwest region, is lined with abandoned plantations. Elite soldiers patrol on armoured pick-ups, rifles at the ready to shoot rebel “Amba Boys” hiding out in the bush.

Independence withering

The Journalist (09/18)
Hungary’s Viktor Orbán positions himself as a renegade speaking hard truths to the EU liberal elite. But, when it comes to his own regime, the independent voices speaking truth to the autocratic prime minister are being silenced.

Inside Hungary’s post-truth laboratory

New Internationalist (08/18)
A cultural counter-revolution is underway in Hungary. And one of its nerve centres is an unassuming Budapest apartment, where keyboard crusaders rattle out lurid tales of migrant miscreants and liberal lunatics …

Her mother’s passion

Spotlight (08/18)
A day in the life of Pandora Hodge, owner of Monrovia restaurant Pandora’s Basket. When her mother died during the Liberian civil war, Hodge carried on cooking as a way of keeping childhood memories alive.

Imran Khan’s victory has come at a cost

The Irish Times (07/18)
Once considered politically naive, Khan compromised his earlier ideals to smash the duopoly of the Bhuttos and the Sharifs. Now he has to manage the generals and the political mercenaries who helped him to power.

Etiquette is all in Punjab Club

The Irish Times (07/18)
A visit to the Punjab Club, where the Lahore elite discuss political intrigues over single malt and cigars. But, how did Pakistan’s ruling class come to adopt an institution symbolic of the worst excesses of Empire?

Pakistan’s bonded labourers fight back

The Irish Times (07/18)
So, who is Sangita Muqsood voting for?
“Whoever you’re voting for,” says the 30-year-old brick maker, tongue in cheek. A lifetime enslaved at the brick kiln has taught her to expect nothing of politicians.

A cricket hero closes in on power

The Irish Times (07/18)
“They say no-one can govern this country without the backing of Allah, the army & America”. Podcast on the stakes in Pakistan’s election, as Imran Khan edges ahead of Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto.

Pakistan election report

RTÉ (07/18) @12.04 mins
Pakistanis are passionate about politics. So, of course, with elections looming, everyone has an opinion. Even the precocious six-year old sitting in the Daewoo Express from Islamabad to Lahore …

Imran Khan battles conspiracies in Pakistan election

The Irish Times (07/18)
They came to create “hawa” – or atmosphere, in Urdu. On the streets of Javed Colony, dozens of men wave green and red flags, amid honking motorbikes, jangling pop music and fervent cries of “Long Live Imran Khan”.



A kilo of cocaine
BBC Radio 4 (04/18)

Making honey from Africa’s killer bees 
The Guardian (12/17)

Philip Taylor – La politique, je l’ai dans le sang 
Le Point (12/17)

Interview with Liberia’s president, George Weah
The Irish Times (10/17)

Liberia’s forgotten child soldiers
Al Jazeera (10/17)

A dictator in the family

The New Statesman (02/17)

Trans people risk lives in Turkey AWARD WINNER

GlobalPost/PRI (12/16)

Interview with Gambian president

The Irish Times (12/16)

Where Brexit meets Turkey

The Irish Times (05/16)

Being Muslim in France

Al Jazeera (12/15)

Paris attacks report

GlobalPost (11/15)

Fighting Russia’s propaganda machine

GlobalPost (08/15)

It’s a ‘No’ from Greece

vieuws.eu (07/15) VIDEO

A prison without bars

Al Jazeera (03/15)

Making maple syrup

BBC News (05/14)

The crack-smoking mayor

BBC News (11/13)

Trouble in paradise

Noseweek South Africa (05/13)

Interview with Alex Salmond

La Presse (08/12)

In search of Philip Marlowe

The Montreal Gazette (05/12)

Beaver or polar bear?

BBC Radio 4/World Service (12/11) @ 17.54 mins

‘Illegal’ midwives on call

The Montreal Gazette (08/11)

Smuggling across the 45th parallel

GlobalPost (4/11)

Deadly Secret

Canada’s History (04/11)

Spirits of a community

The Montreal Gazette (02/11)

Holiday in Asbestos

The Guardian (05/10)

Death of a godfather

BBC World Service (11/10) @ 11.20 mins

Chagos people press to return home

GlobalPost (09/10)

War and peace

Police Review (07/10)

Fighting for their identity

The Irish Times (07/10)

Holy rivalry over Kateri

The Montreal Gazette (03/10)




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