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Race for patents heats up (11/2009)
Timing is all for struggling companies seeking to acquire rights over clean technologies
The race for the North (09/2009)
Countries stake their claims on Arctic spoils (Montreal vox pops for German educational magazine)
Shifting sands of oil production (04/2009)
Canada’s oil sands industry is worth billions, but a legal challenge could put that in doubt
Concern growing over ‘carbon leakage’ (11/2008)
Raging winds of protectionism forecast if major powers fail to reach an agreement at UN climate talks in Copehagen
Climate woe fails to halt oil explorers (11/2007)
A look at the economics of climate change ahead of the 2007 Bali summit
Sleeping with the enemy (11/2007)
Energy firms in central Europe are doing business with Gazprom, whether or not their governments like it
Carbon border taxes could be brought out of the freezer (12/2004)
EU border taxes on carbon intensive products no longer look like such a ludicrous prospect

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