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Irish publican drinks to his success(07/11)
NIALL O’HANLON was born into a family of teetotallers. Today, the Limerick native owns one of Saskatchewan’s most popular watering holes.
Expat extends helping hand to migrants who fancy trying Canada(11/10)
Thirty years ago, Eamonn O’Loghlin “stumbled” into a successful career in communications. Now, the businessman wants to ensure Irish immigrants get the kind of “leg up” he received
How a late decision paid handsome dividends (08/10)
In his own words, Paul Loftus is a “one-man multinational”. But, the Irish emigre’s life might have turned out very differently had he not crossed the ocean to Canada and joined a rugby club.
They’re speaking our languages(01/2010)
The tiny island of Mauritius is a rare jewel when it comes to linguistic diversity.
A town called Asbestos (12/2009)LISTEN(((
The spiritual home of a pariah industry
Surreal sounds of the city (07/2009)
Quebec artists run amok in Belgium, experimenting with vibrating pianos and chopped-up love songs
A riverside rendezvous(05/2009)
Montreal travel piece
Facing up to Canada’s dark history (01/2009) LISTEN(((
Canada is trying to come to terms with the heartbreaking legacy of its residential school system
Seventh foot washed up as mystery deepens (11/2008)
Police still scratching heads over grizzly specimens that have washed up on Canadian and US beaches
Canada’s PM calls early election as race for Arctic’s resources hots up (09/2008)
Canada’s long neglected sovereignty over its polar territories
Controlling dissent in the rubble (06/2008)
Reportage on the aftermath of the earthquake in China’s Sichuan province
No room at the top (05/2006)
European companies may be trumpeting the recruitment of women to senior jobs, but few women advance beyond the boardroom doors
China’s great leap upwards (04/2006)
Feature on China’s growing place in the space race.
Back, but future looks gloomy for furriers (02/2005)
Despite its reappearance on the catwalk, fur has yet to make a comeback on the high street

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