International trade

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A guide to navigating the EU labyrinth (08/2008)
Brussels is establishing a global reputation as a legal and regulatory trailblazer – see page 19 of pdf link
Strong growth, but Turkey’s economy struggles too (07/2008)
Despite a more stable economy, financial worries are lurking around the Bosphorus
Trade winds that blow in one direction (06/2008)
Post-war Japan invented the globalisation handbook. But the country has been slow to open up its own markets to foreign products and investors
EU risks backlash made in China (06/2008)
Lingering controversy over the ‘made in China’ brand has heightened tensions between China and the West
EU-US council to push for freer economy (10/2007)
Interview with the US ambassador to the EU ahead of transatlantic trade talks
Business booms as EU-Russia relations sink (08/2007)
Based on interviews with the Portuguese economics minister and the EU industry commissioner
McCreevy seeks to bolster economic ties with China (05/2007)
Cover story on EU drive to court Chinese policymakers following strained talks between Washington and Beijing on the devalued yuan

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