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Luring star advisors(5/2010)
The boundaries between law firm and business consultancy are blurring
Celebrating the holidays(12/2009)
For most recession-hit law firms, the show must go on — even if the champagne might not be flowing quite as freely as it once did
Testing boundaries (12/2009)
Canada’s plaintiff bar has started to mark out its own turf
Aboriginal law ‘vibrant field’ these days (05/2009)
The legal battle for recognition of ancestral rights has swept across the entire breadth of Canada — from the forests of British Columbia, via the oil sands of Alberta, to the sub-Arctic waters of Labrador
Law firms slash perks(04/2009)
New era of austerity at firms means no perk sacred in push to cut costs
Boom time for lawyers(02/2009)
As the economy shrinks, so their workload has been expanding
Associates adjusting attitude in downturn(01/2009)
The days of big demands, enormous perks and multiple job offers seem to be over
Common attacks on common enemies (04/2008)
US class-action pioneer campaigns for legal reform in Europe
Microsoft’s judgement day (09/2007)
The most controversial anti-trust case in EU legal history
Corporate bully-boy behaviour a danger to consumers (10/2004)
A look at the nature of transatlantic cooperation on high-profile antitrust cases

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