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Guide to the financial crisis (European Journalism Centre, 2009)
An impartial guide for journalists, explaining in crystal clear terms how the recent financial crisis unfolded in the old continent.
The art of the deal (10/2009)
Infrastructure sector scrambling to close deals with public money, bonds and equity
No more Mr. Nice Guy (09/2009)
Deep shifts in mood and mindset down at the US Securities and Exchange Commission
Bond party starts to wind down (02/2009)
Being in government bonds right now feels a bit like being an indecisive guest at the party that isn’t really happening
A bailout under every tree (12/2008)
The blingtastic dimensions of the financial crisis are such that nobody seems too undeserving
Mad about saffron (12/2008)
Bitter spice known has red gold is becoming even more precious
Unlocking IP asset values (12/2008)
How to unlock the secret of maintaining growth in tough times without sacrificing core value
Ready for a long, hot summer? (07/2008)
An analysis of the gaping holes in the EU’s regulatory oversight, written weeks before markets went into meltdown
2007 – year zero for financial markets (09/2006)
Focus on shake-up in EU securities markets

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