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Europe’s response to the financial crisis (mid-2009)
An impartial guide for journalists produced for the Maastricht-based European Journalism Centre, explaining in crystal clear terms how the recent crisis unfolded in the old continent. Covers everything from faulty derivatives to executive kidnappings, with easy-to-follow referencing throughout.

From 2002-03, I wrote a series of articles on emerging business trends for a future studies project organised by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Later, I was commissioned by EFQM to co-write a book based on the project (see Amazon link). Below are three of the original articles.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete: Generation Y Reboot the Workplace
Accelerated cultural and technological change has played its part in the creation of a generation that is capable of overturning what would traditionally be viewed as ‘intellectual authority’ in their homes, their classrooms and at work.

The End of Big Ego Leadership
As the sun sets on the glory days of the big ego leader, we look towards a quieter, more modest and, who’s to say, perhaps more enduring model. Enter the humble leader. But for how long?

The Age of Rage
In a world where the old adage ‘the customer is always right’ still holds sway despite no shortage of evidence to the contrary, service-sector employees are increasingly the unfortunate victims of a phenomenon known as ‘customer rage’.

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